The Ohio County Historical Society has a variety of sources to assist in researching your family history.  We will do a search for you for $15.00 per name.  There is no charge if you visit the museum and conduct the search for yourself.

Some of the sources we have in our holdings include:

Books/Binders on various familes

Ball     Barbour     Billingsley     Cole     Detmer     Edwards Elbrecht     Feustel     Goodnight     Graham     Houze     Kittenbrink     Liggett     Mullenbrook     Noble     Potter     Powel     Shivley    Stalker     Thomas     Waugh    Wilson      Winkley

Ohio County History Books

Ohio County Cemeteries by Dillon Dorrell *
Ohio County Families by Dillon Dorrell *
Mostly About Ohio County Folks by Dillon Dorrell *
Ohio County Community Story by Dillon Dorrell *
5-Volume set on J. W. Whitlock by dana hildebrand *
Ohio County Indiana by William J. Dichtl *
History of Dearborn and Ohio Counties, 1885

(Book titles followed by an asterisk may be purchased by going to our “Posts” page.)

Other Sources
Death Records, 1858-1940 (lists cause of death, birth,   and death dates)

GAR Records, 1882-1888

Family names