About Our Organization

About Our Organization

Local history is the collective story of a community. We believe that the story of Ohio County is not only important but crucial to the greater understanding of the narrative of westward expansion in the United States and the rise, decline, and rebirth of America’s rivertowns. By collecting, preserving, and sharing that story, the Ohio County Historical Society strives to pass along a complete picture of a prime example of the American Spirit and the realities of the dynamic cultural landscape of life on the Ohio River. 

If it happened in Ohio County or to someone from Ohio County then we are interested and strive to preserve those stories to be shared with the Ohio County residents and the larger community outside Ohio County's borders. 

For any and all questions about the history of Ohio County and the town of Rising Sun: email us or call us at 812-438-4915 

Our Mission

To promote the heritage of Ohio County through the collection, preservation, and display of artifacts pertaining to local and area history, by means of the Ohio County Historical Society and its educational programs

Become a Volunteer

We're glad you're interested in volunteering at the Museum! 

We are looking for volunteers to help out inside the Museum, meet and greet visitors and answer the phones.  

Volunteers will ideally work 2-4 hours per week, according to the Museum's needs at a particular time.  

Monday - Friday 10am to 4pm - 

weekends 12 noon to 4pm

Special Events

Volunteer for the whole days or for just part of a day. 

Please call (812) 438-4915 for details.